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Hugh Jackman Daily

Your daily dose of Hugh Jackman news and pictures.

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englishmann came to realize that the Hugh Jackman communities on LiveJournal have often been neglected. They have a habit of going deathly quiet, even though there continues to be plenty of stuff to post or discuss about Hugh Jackman. So, she got the brilliant idea of starting her own community; one which she would, personally, keep running, even when member posts slackened off. And thus, jackman_daily was born.

THE RULES. These are simple. Please follow them. Thank you!

Please respect this.

  • Put a picture in each post. Any shots of Hugh, Hugh and his wife, and Hugh with other people are fine and dandy. As of now, the only shots of the kids that are acceptable are the ones of him getting his star on the Walk of Fame because they took the kids, knowing that they were going to be officially photographed. The rest are pap shots of the kids, and we don't want those here. Why, you ask? Click here for englishmann's explanation.

  • If you want to share manips, icons or other such things, put a regular picture in your post and link to your creations--don't just post a bunch of icons or manipulations. There are communities specifically for those things.

  • If you’ve got more than one picture, or a particularly enormous picture, please use an lj-cut. If a lack of clothing could be considered offensive, place the picture behind a cut with a warning about that. Shirtless, however, is both allowed and very much encouraged. *wink*

  • Absolutely NO flaming. Flamers get banned. As the moderator who took over for englishmann over 2 years ago, I (cousinshelley) have never had to do this. Thank you!

  • New to Hugh Jackman? Wish you knew a bit more about him? Click here.

New movie policy:

  • Cut EVERYTHING that may even be a hint of a spoiler.
  • Post a clear spoiler warning to let people know before they click the cut.
  • Just to be sure, leave some spaces or * marks down the page before you start typing.
  • Once the film has been released on DVD, then you can post to your heart's content, just put it behind a cut. Thank you.

"Hump Day":

On Wednesdays, the moderator will (try to remember to) post a particularly good picture of Hugh Jackman to get everyone "over the Hump" in their week. Maybe high-res, maybe shirtless...the sky's the limit. If you want to contribute, great. The bigger the picture, the better. The sexier, the better...but if you want to get a little - ahem - suggestive, just cut it. There is the possibility that one of the mods won't get to your post to approve it before the next day, but that's okay because it just makes Thursday better. We apologize, but you know how it is - sometimes we have to walk away from the computer. ;)

One last thing:

Do us all a favor and don’t join if you’re going to verbally bash Hugh Jackman, or his wife. It’s assumed that if you join, you’re a fan, but I’d also appreciate it if you kept the “I want to kill Hugh’s wife” stuff to yourself. It’s a bit extreme, and it's certainly immature.

Original Creator/Founder: englishmann

Moderator: cousinshelley. E-mails may be directed to csnshelley (at) yahoo (dot) com


Special thanks to: junebugged for ensuring the success of this community with her unrelenting generosity and kindness. We owe you a lot.

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